The Waltham Forest Challenge is a practitioner led collaborative partnership of schools with the goal of significantly raising standards of achievement for young people in Waltham Forest through whole school and system improvements.

The development of the Waltham Forest Challenge has been informed by other ‘Challenges’ around the country, including the London Challenge as well as excellent practices already in our secondary schools.

It is expected that the Waltham Forest Challenge will need to develop and evolve and respond flexibly to changing needs and circumstances.

However, it will remain practitioner led with an emphasis on sharing excellent practices, school-to-school support and system improvement through support and challenge in a school led improvement system.

The WF Challenge will be built around a clear meritocracy of:

  • Outstanding Academic Performance
  • The continuing pursuit of excellence both in and out of the classroom
  • Authentic and effective collaboration between schools.

Year 1 of the Waltham Forest Challenge was widely supported by Secondary Schools across the borough with Year 2 looking to expand to include Special Schools and extend our focus to include Post 16 performance.