Access to an outstanding knowledge, expertise and skills able to support schools to realise their school improvement ambitions. Core knowledge Transfer vehicles will include;

  • A programme of best practice visits

All schools will be invited to host a best practice visit and there will be a termly programme of these published in advance

  • Regular ‘Teach Meet’ opportunities

These will build on teach meets that have taken place in the borough in recent months. There will be a half-termly programme based on local hubs and all schools will be invited to contribute.

  • Subject networks

The WF Challenge will re-establish subject networks so that there is a termly subject network meeting and opportunities for on-going networking in between meetings to share good practice and ideas

  • Leadership development programmes

The WF Challenge will also establish a year-long programme for senior leaders comprising one session per half-term and delivered through outside speakers and internal facilitators.


  • The project directors will meet with head teachers individually to discuss how their schools are best able to engage with and benefit from the programme outlined above. 

Development of Sharing Good Practice

In the second year of the Waltham Forest Challenge we will approach the sharing of good practice a little differently. We have identified, with colleagues, a number of areas where we wish to facilitate the sharing of good practice so that all schools are able to improve.

These hubs will capture knowledge and promote the sharing of good practice and will each be led by a host school. The hubs include:

  1. Achievement of the more able cohort in our schools
  2. Achievement of underperforming student groups (disadvantaged and Black Caribbean students)
  3. Achievement across school-based sixth forms
  4. Achievement of SEND students
  5. Develop Outstanding Leadership in our schools – The training programmes, succession planning and structures that support the development of leadership in our schools.
  6. Governance across all schools
  7. Outstanding examination preparation – whole school and subject based.

Criteria for Leading a Hub

  1. Demonstrable track record – success in the area, expertise in the area, Ofsted rating.
  2. Capacity in the school to do the work at both HT level and senior leadership level.
  3. Experience of delivering training effectively.

What do you have to do (the brief)?

  1. Take responsibility for co-ordinating and facilitating the work of the Hub including advertising and encouraging attendance.
  2. Facilitate 6 meetings (one per half-term), producing necessary materials and chairing the meeting.
  3. Produce and circulate agendas, minutes of the meeting and any other resources necessary to the work of the hub.
  4. Host the meeting and provide refreshments.
  5. Capture knowledge by producing both an interim and final report (the interim report to be ready for presentation at the SHG Conference in January 2017 and the final report at the AGM in June 2017).
  6. Head teachers will present reports and findings to colleagues.
  7. Be ready and able to run the first Hub meeting in late June/early July 2016 


For carrying out this work a payment agreed by the Challenge Board will be made to cover all costs. No further expenses will be paid.

Note – The WF Challenge will look to work closely with borough services (as purchased by most schools) and look to appoint an external provider to develop Governance across schools.