Insight 2 Raise

Insight 2 Raise is an Excel based programme available to schools that produces an analysis document similar to the new RaiseOnline. As it is completed by the school the analysis can be produced as soon as the results are available. This allows schools to have a full value added based analysis immediately upon release of GCSE results. The package also allows schools to update if there are any changes in outcomes. The common approach allows schools to effectively compare outcomes.


Subject Based Analysis Tool

A Robust and trusted Subject Analysis Tool producing high quality GCSE performance analysis ready by start of September. The Subject analysis tool is Excel based using nationally produced expected performance targets.

Subject Comparison Analysis


Subject Subgroup Analysis


School Data managers will follow a 1 one day training programme for both the RaiseOnline and Subject based analysis tools.

Overview Performance evaluation document

Evaluation document developed to allow schools to present an overview of annual performance and identify trends over time. The tools utilises the Insight 2 Raise and Subject Analysis tools as source information and can be updated when final FFT/RoL documents are released.

Annual School Single Page Overview


Student sub group over time


WF Challenge School to School shared Data Mechanism

WF Challenge Data available to all schools by end of September in Draft form with final analysis published with full FFT/RoL. The document will use Insight 2 Raise and on Subject Analysis to produce a document that will allow schools to identify expertise from across the borough that will support their internal improvement agenda.

Head Teacher Trios programme

A formalised Head Teacher challenge programme to support self-review and test hypotheses as well as offer opportunities for knowledge sharing.

Term 1: Annual school academic performance evaluation programme

Within 4 weeks of the start of term and in learning threes, Head teachers / Principals from within the WF Challenge will use a guided framework to review each school’s Academic performance. The annual evaluation process is designed to support schools in articulating their successes and challenges.


Term 2: SEF and Action Plan

Structured review of school SEF’s and Action Plans using an Ofsted based framework that supports and further develops the school’s ability to confirm, capture and articulate progress.


Term 3: Trio based Focused

Trio’s agreed review exercise.

Challenge Partners

Challenge Partners is a national group of schools which aims to raise standards of education. Challenge Partners exists to:

  • Increase our students’ performance in public examinations at a rate considerably higher than the national average
  • Increase the number of partner schools that are outstanding and meet the National Teaching School criteria
  • Improve the partner schools’ Ofsted rating and National College school-to-school work designation at a considerably higher rate than the national average
  • Develop internationally the concept of effective collaborative learning between schools and contributing to national research and policy making.

The Challenge Partners programme includes an annual Quality Assurance Review to be used by schools to support development and test progress since the previous Ofsted Inspection as well as conferences, and opportunities to access other schools in the network.