The WF Challenge Offer – 2016/17

Key Vehicles of Challenge, Collaboration and Change.


Quality, robust and trusted challenge to schools.

  • RaiseOnline based analysis tool
  • Subject Analysis Tool (including Student Sub-group analysis).
  • Overview Performance evaluation document (Shared format)
  • WF Challenge School to School shared Data Mechanism
  • Head Teacher Trios programme
  • Challenge Partners Quality Review and Partnership programme.
  • Annual WF Challenge Senior Leadership AGM
  • Evaluation of WF Challenge schools in authentic and effective collaboration.


Access to an outstanding knowledge, expertise and skills able to support schools to realise their school improvement ambitions. Knowledge Transfer vehicles to include:

  • A programme of best practice visits
  • The creation of a WF Challenge Website
  • Regular ‘Teach Meet’ opportunities
  • Subject networks
  • Leadership development programme
  • Head Teachers / Directors meeting
  • Sharing good practice hubs targeting key areas for improvement – Themes for 2016-17
  1. Achievement of the More Able cohort in our schools
  2. Achievement of the underperforming student groups (Disadvantaged & Black Caribbean students)
  3. Achievement across school-based sixth forms
  4. Achievement of SEND students (EC)
  5. Developing Outstanding Leadership in our schools – The training programmes, succession planning and structures that support the development of leadership in our schools.
  6. Governance across all schools
  7. Outstanding examination preparation – Whole school and subject based


WF Challenge sourced training programmes and direct school to school support programmes to accelerate the progress towards our aims.

  • Teaching and Learning development programmes
    • ITP/OTP
    • Classroom Leadership – Assertiveness training
    • Every Child, All The Time Learning.
  • NPQML Programme
  • Accelerated Young Teachers Programme
  • Excel (including programming) skills development