Our Approach and Activities

Building a culture of Achievement, Authentic Collaboration and Pursuit of Excellence.

  1. The role of the WF Challenge is to provide;
  • definitions of success in a rapidly changing context.
  • robust (and timely) challenge through accurate information systems focused on academic outcomes.
  • trusted and usable analysis able to identify our outstanding performers across the WF Challenge schools, allowing credible networks of support to form and grow.

2. The WF Challenge believes;

  • Effective Leadership is at the core of change: Schools are autonomous institutions responsible for their own improvement and sustainable school improvement will only occur through effective leadership built around personal responsibility for outcomes at every level.
  • Excellence in the classroom is vital for sustainable success. The development of outstanding Teachers through outstanding training programmes is key to improving school outcomes.
  • Success must be clearly defined, tracked and shared. Information systems that define success and allow underperformance to be challenged are central to realising outstanding outcomes. School academic success is no longer based upon the performance of the school community as a whole, but on the performance of every group, no matter how small, that make up that community. The elimination of disparity in performance between student groups based upon gender, individual disadvantage, ethnicity or SEN need is now a political as well as moral imperative for each school.

3. Central to realising the WF Challenge aims is the need for active engagement of all members with a culture of outstanding achievement, authentic and effective collaboration and continuous pursuit of excellence.

Beliefs that need championing.

  • Responsibility for performance sits in the school.
  • The success of the WF Challenge is its impact on students – both their day to day experiences and outcomes.
  • There is a clear expectation that ‘excellence’ will be achieved in every school.

Values that need supporting.

  • Moral commitment to the development of other staff and other schools.
  • Meritocracy based upon credible and transparent information.
  • Integrity and Truthfulness.
  • Trust and Openness.

Deal Breakers and blockers that need challenging.

  • School Leadership that does not challenge/hold to account poor performance.
  • Lack of transparency.
  • Non–involvement, you can only get out what you put in.
  • Do as I say, not as I do.